All About the Building That Plays The Drake on 666 Park Avenue

Ansonia NYC

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It’s not just actors that get cast in television shows to play someone they’re not. Buildings have to do it too!

The Drake – the fictitious Upper East Side residential building in 666 Park Avenue – is played by The Ansonia, an iconic Upper West Side building (2109 Broadway). The building is over 100 years old and was the largest residential hotel of its day. And the luxury was one of a kind:

“In addition to 400 original residential suites and 1,218 rooms, The Ansonia had every luxury of the period, including a pneumatic tube system that allowed tenants to exchange messages and gossip; Turkish baths; six passenger elevators, as well as large service elevators and dumbwaiters for delivery to apartment kitchens; several restaurants decorated in the Gilded-Age style of Louis XIV; two swimming pools, including the world’s largest indoor pool; basement shops; fresh eggs, courtesy of the chickens in Mr. Stokes’ rooftop farm; and seals that frolicked in its lobby fountain.” –

David Wilcox, the show’s creator and executive producer, picked the building to represent 666 Park because of its dramatic, glamorous and haunting exterior and lobby. It’s also rumored to be haunted, which suits the series well considering The Drake sees its share of paranormal activity.

But while the exterior is filmed on location, most of the interior scenes are being shot at the Cine Magic studios in Brooklyn (Williamsburg).

Be sure to check out the Ansonia’s starring role in 666 Park Avenue Sundays at 10/9c on ABC!



  1. adam leite Said:

    the Ansonia is an amazing building, a gem. I ak happy to know someone who lives there, and I happen to visit bere from timd to time. I am glad they keep filming there. many artists live in the building.

  2. Noel Said:

    My wife and I miss the show. Are there any new episodes coming up the pipe line?

  3. Cynthia Shone Said:

    Hi are the Drake Hotel the same as the Ansonia? What are the differents how can I research them more because I was resently at the Drake Hotel but didn’t get to see more than the entrance way. Is there anyway I could have a tour of this famous buliding I would be most greatful (I’m just a very poor woman that couldn’t rent a place or a room). It would be my DREAM come true. Thank you for all your time and trouble.

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